How an Employee Benefits By Working from Home

Thanks to technological advances, many modern workers do not have to worry about getting up at the break of dawn to prepare for the long commute to the office. They also do not have to worry about adorning hardly affordable designer suits as they can perform their duties in the comfort of their homes clad in their PJs and sporting flip-flops.  That the number of home-based workers keeps increasing each year is testimony to the benefits that accrue from working from home. The benefits are many and some address some issues that have caused bad blood between employers and employees for a long time. The perfect solution for a work-social life balance – Most people who have to spend many hours commuting to work and many more moving from one office to another hardly have time for any social activities. Such people also hardly have time for bonding with loved ones. When you work from home you have more time at your disposal allowing you to pursue other activities which you couldn’t in the past. Even when many of your hours at home are devoted to work it is always gratifying to know that your children or pets are somewhere in the same home as you are. This is totally unlike having to sit in the office and keep wondering how the home front is. Greater productivity – The office environment is full of time-wasting distractions. You have to answer some never-ending phone calls or be required to attend a lengthy impromptu meeting.

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