Home Workspace

At home, you simply create some quiet space (or a noisy one if you like to work with loud music playing) and then get down to uninterrupted work. Ultimately, the home worker will be more productive than the one who spends time in the office. Address problems instantly – When you have the facilities that enable you to work from home, your clients or employers never have to wait for you to report to the office to solve problems that might require urgent attention. Unlike the 9-5 worker, a person who works from home is available 24/7 and is capable of providing instant solutions.  Working from home makes a person feel empowered and this leads to greater job satisfaction. This is good for both the employee and the employer. Job satisfaction generally means that the employee will be eager to continue working and this is great news for employers as stressful conditions in offices never produce satisfied workers.

Why Employers let Employees work from Home

The internet is a wonderful resource that has revolutionized the way the modern world works. What was undreamt of a few decades ago is now reality – that an employer in one location can have employees all over the country and even globally. Breaking geographical barriers and time zones, nothing has contributed more to make our world a true global village. Even when employees are located in the same city, employers appreciate the benefits of letting employees work from home even if it is just for one or two days a week. With all the modern resources that allow for instant messaging, online meetings and the ability to deliver reports at the touch of a button, an employer such as a Carpet cleaning service can keep tabs on employees even when they are out of the office. The advantages of this kind of arrangement for employers are almost innumerable but there are a few very distinct ones. It’s a massive time and money saver In some cities, people spend hours commuting to work. The time wasted aside, commuting expenses (whether using own or public transport) amount to a substantial amount every year. Of course this money is saved when the employee works from home but the real benefit is in the number of hours saved.  As soon as an employee wakes up, he or she can immediately start working without having to worry about changing into “office clothes”. The usual coffee and lunch breaks at the office are dispensed with – the home-worker can nap when he or she wants then go back to work. The flexibility and informality of working from home makes employees more productive as has been proved by several studies. Saves office space expenses – Office space costs an arm and a leg in some locations and any opportunity to save on it is always welcome. The importance of this is best appreciated by employers who need to have employees in different global locations. Even when you factor-in the need for air travel that the executives might need to incur once in a while, the savings on rent more than cover up for this. Getting the best talent regardless of location – Since an employer is no longer limited by geography and time zones, he or she can hire the best talent wherever they might be in the world. The companies in Silicon Valley as well as a host of others who engage in software development and other web-based jobs have made great strides because of breaking these barriers.

How an Employee Benefits By Working from Home

Thanks to technological advances, many modern workers do not have to worry about getting up at the break of dawn to prepare for the long commute to the office. They also do not have to worry about adorning hardly affordable designer suits as they can perform their duties in the comfort of their homes clad in their PJs and sporting flip-flops.  That the number of home-based workers keeps increasing each year is testimony to the benefits that accrue from working from home. The benefits are many and some address some issues that have caused bad blood between employers and employees for a long time. The perfect solution for a work-social life balance – Most people who have to spend many hours commuting to work and many more moving from one office to another hardly have time for any social activities. Such people also hardly have time for bonding with loved ones. When you work from home you have more time at your disposal allowing you to pursue other activities which you couldn’t in the past. Even when many of your hours at home are devoted to work it is always gratifying to know that your children or pets are somewhere in the same home as you are. This is totally unlike having to sit in the office and keep wondering how the home front is. Greater productivity – The office environment is full of time-wasting distractions. You have to answer some never-ending phone calls or be required to attend a lengthy impromptu meeting.